Teamtap makes it easier for instructors to build and manage diverse teams in college classrooms 


It's time to change the way teams are built and managed in college classrooms


68.9% of college students are dissatisfied with the often random way teams are formed in classrooms today


Due to a lack of guidance, 94.4% of college students missed out on significant learning opportunities and produced lower quality work


Navigating diverse teams is hard. 97.8% of college students had a negative group experience in University

Our Solution

At Teamtap we take into account each student's skills, personality types, backgrounds, and interests in order to build the best and most diverse teams possible. Once the perfect teams are created, we supply students with the tools and guidance needed to work effectively across their differences.

Diverse Teams


Teamtap's algorithm allows instructors to place students into the most diverse teams possible with the click of a button.

Proper Guidance

Working in diverse teams can be tricky. Teamtap supplies students with the tools and guidance needed to ensure each team works effectively from start to finish.


Our Story

At Teamtap we believe teamwork and collaboration can lead to wonderful things. With the right team, no problem is too big. We believe great teams are built on diversity - that one person's weakness is another person's strength. We believe great teamwork requires strong communication, vision, and leadership. We believe that building the right team is the first and most important step towards success.

As todays workforce grows increasingly diverse, it is more important now than ever that we learn how to work effectively across our differences. By placing students into diverse teams today, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

At Teamtap, our goal is to build the best and most diverse teams possible, changing the way students work together in college classrooms and setting them up for success.  


Navigating diverse teams without the proper guidance can be tricky.

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